Seoung R Jee, OMD, LAc

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

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Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine

(American Liberty University)


M.S. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

(South Baylo University)


Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture



Certified Diplomate in Oriental Medicine



Georgia State Board Certified


California State Board Certified


Eight Constitution Medicine clinic internships

(Seoul, South Korea)

The needs of chronic pain sufferers are my passion and focus.  As an acupuncturist for over two decades, I use differentiated and customized treatments according to body constitutions.  It’s worked for thousands of patients under my care in multiple geographic locations across the United States.

I have seen countless cases of patients experiencing exactly the same symptoms and often with the exact same Western Medicine diagnosis.  And while these things provide clues to a patient’s illness, I aim to go much deeper by considering a patient’s body constitution and how they differ from patient to patient.  It has allowed me to pinpoint causes of disorders at a much higher level of accuracy, which lends to more effective treatments and life changing knowledge for my patients.

Did you know that internal organs can be proportioned oppositely?  It’s true!  Some people have proportionally larger lungs and smaller livers.  Others have it reversed.

Meat and dairy consumption would be no problem for those with proportionally larger livers.  But it could mean trouble for someone who has a small one trying to process the same amount of fat.  Understanding this simplified point is the start of discovering how your particular body constitution was initially designed to intake foods. The same idea even applies to exercise and activities.

How can I know the proportional ratios of my internal organs?

It is currently done manually by a highly trained Eight Constitution Medicine practitioner. The identification of eight different pulse patterns correlate to a specific body constitution.  This type of pulse diagnosis is different from the ones typically done by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

An accurate pulse pattern diagnosis in Eight Constitution Medicine can be difficult since patients often have weakened pulses due to poor immune systems.  It takes anywhere from 3-5 years for a new practitioner to Eight Constitution Medicine to establish consistency determining the proper pulse pattern. It also takes an additional 3-5 years to become knowledgeable in applying the correct acupuncture formula for each of the eight constitutions.

Why does experience matter so much with this technique?

With over a hundred different formulas for each constitution, experience truly determines the level of care. In my practice, I confirm all of my manual pulse pattern diagnoses by applying tailored acupuncture formulas. New patients typically know their body constitution in three to five treatment visits.

Early in my career, I intensively researched the commonly used acupuncture techniques such as One Needle, Master Tong, Sa-Am, and the Five Elements. They all work to some degree, but I have found that the Eight Constitution Medicine technique used in acupuncture for chronic pain is the most consistent, effective and non-invasive approach.

Gentle and comfortable acupuncture treatments are a priority too in my practice.  In my relentless search for ones that do not sacrifice effectiveness, the Eight Constitution Medicine technique also delivers beautifully.

Why do kids (and adults who hate needles) love this special technique?

The technique I use is extremely gentle.  Hair thin needles are inserted only 5 mm deep and retracted in less than a half second.  The patient typically only feels a brief and gentle touch.  Acupuncture needles are never visible and never retained in the body like traditionally done.

The technique I use is also extremely safe. The acupuncture points used are all below the elbows and below the knees.  There is a zero percent chance that any internal organs will ever be injured.

Quick, focused and effective treatments

Busy schedules pair well with my practice since visits are done in 15 minutes or less.  My patients often appreciate the quick and focused treatments.  But speed doesn’t mean less effective or less than a full treatment.  In my practice, Eight Constitution Medicine has been five times more effective.  And I frequently witness faster and dramatic responses to difficult cases such as unexplained headaches and migraines, herniated discs, sciatica, severe digestive disorders and arthritis.

My approach and devotion to body constitutions can help many “mysterious” cases usually managed with constant use of drugs and medication. It is my professional goal to help my patients stop using methods that suppress or damage their immune systems. Acupuncture for chronic pain and eating body constitution proper foods are a completely natural way to build back immune systems.

Do you offer any nutritional guidance?

Coaching my patients on what foods to eat is a main part of treatment plans in my practice.  Long before the phrase “gluten-free diet” became popular, I counseled my patients on what to eat based on their particular constitution.  It is an integral part to maintaining and accelerating the path to healing.  The combination of constitution appropriate foods and highly customized acupuncture treatments lead to substantially better health for most people.


Thank you for learning more about my practice and Eight Constitution Medicine.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


Seoung R Jee, OMD, LAc


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