Eight Constitution Medicine

Eight Constitution: A Proven Path Forward in Medicine

Eight Constitution Medicine is a completely new medical paradigm and has cured intractable and previously incurable diseases. It was first presented to the world in 1965 by Dr. Dowon Kuon.  Dr. Kuon is a world renowned acupuncturist who is currently treating cancer patients and conducting research at Jesun Acupuncture Clinic and Dawnting Cancer Research Institute in South Korea.

His findings have stayed true and consistent since introduction.  And to date over a million clinical cases confirmed.  The heart of these findings: all human beings regardless of gender or race can be classified into eight different human individualities or constitutions.

Each constitution has dynamic associations between internal organs. Some people are born with lungs that are strong but with a weaker liver. Others enter this world with weak lungs yet have strong functioning livers. Additional weak/strong pairs are: kidneys and pancreas, stomach and bladder, large intestine and gallbladder.

Dr. Kuon refers to this state as ‘suitably unbalanced.’  Maintaining this state optimizes the immune function of the human body.  So when a person’s strong internal organ becomes overly strong or a weak one deteriorates, the body can succumb to illness.

If you seek treatment at an Eight Constitution Medicine clinic, the first step would be to figure out the state of your internal organs at birth.  It sets the treatment path which could be completely the opposite from someone else with exactly the same symptoms or Western diagnosis.

The idea to focus on the cause of an illness rather than just treating the symptoms has gained much ground in the past decade. While Oriental Medicine has operated under such theories for thousands of years, Eight Constitution Medicine elegantly connects the physiology and pathology of each constitution and its twelve internal organs.

It is also complete in addressing what elements outside of the body, such as the consumption of foods, environmental exposure and activities pursued, would optimize each constitution. (Citations used are from Dr. Kuon’s column in the August 1994 issue of “Bit and Sogeum.”)

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