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Dr. Seoung R. Jee, OMD, LAc

Dr. Seoung R. Jee, OMD, LAc

Embracing the needs of chronic and difficult cases, I have been using body type specific treatment methods for nearly 20 years. I built successful practices by showing patients a different path long before the phrase “gluten-free diet” became popular. After treating literally thousands of people, I have seen repeatedly how two people with the same exact symptoms and the same Western Medicine diagnosis could require completely different treatments.


Did you know that people can have oppositely proportioned internal organs?  It’s true!  Some people have proportionally larger lungs and smaller livers while others have it reversed.


Meat and dairy consumption would be no problem for those with proportionally larger livers, but it could wreak havoc for someone who has a small liver trying to process the same amount of fat.  Understanding this simplified point is the start of discovering how your body was initially designed to handle certain types of foods and even certain types of exercise and activities. By utilizing this approach to your healing, I can devote my focus to helping those suffering from many “mysterious” cases and conditions managed only by constant use of drugs that suppress or damage the immune system.


How can I know the proportional ratios of my internal organs?


While a simple blood test has been in development for many years, it isn’t yet available and currently a manual pulse pattern diagnosis needs to be made.  This type of pulse diagnosis is different from the ones typically done by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.  And it takes many years for an Eight Constitution Medicine practitioner to make accurate pulse pattern diagnoses since patients are often seen with weakened immune systems and thus with weakened pulses.  There are also no more and no less than eight different pulse patterns in Eight Constitution Medicine, a theory that has been tested clinically and proven true across all ethnicities.  In my practice, I confirm all of my pulse pattern diagnoses by applying tailored acupuncture formulas and new patients typically can know their body constitution in three to five treatment visits. 


Treatment techniques have always been a relentless search of mine as I try to provide the most comfortable and gentle methods of acupuncture delivery.  While I am intimately familiar with some of the popular techniques used by most acupuncturists today such as One Needle, Master Tong, Sa-Am, and the Five Elements, which all work to some degree, I have found that the Eight Constitution Medicine technique is the most accurate and effective in my practice. 


Why do kids (and adults who hate needles) love this special technique?


The Eight Constitution Medicine technique is extremely safe, using hair thin needles that are inserted only 5mm deep and retracted in less than a half second. The patient typically only feels a gentle touch similar to finger tips. The acupuncture points used are also all below the elbows and below the knees with a zero percent chance that any internal organs will ever be injured. Busy schedules are well accommodated by this technique as well since needles are not retained in the body as traditionally done.  But speed doesn’t mean less effective or less than a full treatment.  In my practice, this technique has been five times more effective with quicker and dramatic responses to difficult cases such as unexplained headaches and migraines, herniated discs, sciatica, severe digestive disorders and arthritis.


(Dr. Jee is nationally board certified in Acupuncture by National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM, the highest national standard in the US for excellence in his field, is board certified by the State of CA and has also been a frequently published author on the subject of Eight Constitution Medicine.)

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