Website Accessibility Statement


Our clinic is committed to improving the accessibility of our website at JeeAcu.com for our patients and website visitors. We do this in a few of ways. One is by manually monitoring and making changes to the content on our website. We take seriously the need to make our website accessible to all website visitors and continually seek ways to improve compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

Another way we make our website accessible is by making available on our website an accessibility widget called WAH (WP Accessibility Helper). It is located prominently at the top left or right corner of each webpage as a button that when pressed reveals a variety of options to improve accessibility. You may want to try switching browsers to access all of the widget’s functionalities.

There are ways that you can adjust your device (computer, tablet or phone) or browser settings to improve how well you see our website. You can increase text sizes, magnify your screens or change background and text colors. You can also have your device read web pages out loud to you as well as adjust volume controls on your device to suit your needs.
If navigating our website with a mouse is not possible, you can use your keyboard to navigate the screens or even use a speech recognition software to navigate hands free.

Some of the ways to accomplish these methods can be found at:


Smartphone Accessibility

We are making our best efforts to make JeeAcu.com fully accessible to all users, but some of our content may yet be fully accessible according to the most strictest accessibility standards. Please contact us at (678) 822-1773 during normal business hours if you require assistance with any portions of our website or would like to report any accessibility issues.

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